Sisú is an exciting new Irish start-up all about delivering great-tasting and super-nutritious juices to where you spend most of your time - your workplace.


SiSú has developed an innovative way of delivering juices to employees in the workplace to boost health and productivity. Artizan worked with Sisú to develop a brand model, identity and packaging, all supported by a website with an easy to use online account system synced with cashless juice refrigerators in the workplace.

OUT WITH THE OLD, In with the New


EnergisingColour Palette

The colour palette we chose for the brand identity was designed to represent the vibrant colours of the juices - beetroot, pineapple, strawberries and green veg.


It was vital the account creation experience was intuitive and visual on both mobile and desktop. We dedicated significant attention to how best to enable customers to learn more about the product but also manage their credit and view orders.

Lovely Client Feedback

Artizan really impressed us from the start. They listened attentively, asked a lot of questions and really got to the heart of what we are trying to achieve as a brand. From the identity and packaging they created, to the website they designed and built, we were energised and inspired by the clarity and insights we gained from the process. The quality of their creative work and attention to detail is second to none. They maintained a consistently strategic focus on how best to expand and maximise our online capabilities for future growth.

Paul Gleeson