Helping scientists tell the story behind
their work & ideas.

Big PictureThinking

With an event that's focused hearing new ideas in the realm of science, we wanted to create a digital experience that feels exciting, contemporary and fresh. We using two bold typographic styles and worked in the brand colour palette to create a vibrant contrast against a clean white canvas.

OUT WITH THE OLD,In with the New


Interactive Experience

We think of scientific research as clean and exacting, but it's also exciting and ground-breaking. We wanted to create a mobile experience that reflects the buzz that scientific research can generate when communicated with energy and passion.

Mobile Friendly Design

It's vital for us to ensure that the mobile experience is both visual and user-friendly to maximise impact and engagement.

Lovely Client Feedback

Great design is hard to do, but easy to recognise. We loved what Artizan did for us: they took time to understand our audience, our goals and our ethos and brought it together in a beautiful online experience incorporating right-on-the-button messaging, great visuals and a gorgeous UX.

It’s a calling card and a sales tool that shows off our very best side, oozing style and substance. We couldn’t be happier.

Jonathan McCrea