Safe Events

Safe Events represents the most qualified and experienced event safety specialists in the country

a freshPerspective

We had never previously thought of event safety as something that could evoke passion. But when we met the Safe Events team and understood the commitment and care they apply to their work, we wanted to create an identity and website that communicated that special blend of warmth and expertise.

OUT WITH THE OLD,In with the New



Sometimes, if we're lucky, we can create a visual element out of letters within a brand name. In this case we identified a mirror between the a and v of Safe Events which formed a symmetrical diamond shape. This has acted as a versatile element in the brand's marketing collateral to create patterns, navigation guides and image masks. We also used the diamond as a visual way to demonstrate Safe Events' value proposition on the homepage of the website.

Mobile Friendly Design

It's important to us to ensure that the mobile experience is both visual and user-friendly to maximise impact and engagement.

Lovely Client Feedback

Artizan's team managed to decode what we wanted and needed and have delivered us something that surpasses our brief in every respect. They developed the brand identity for the new business as well as designing and building the website. As a result, the whole experience from logo through to website is seamless. The messaging and personality portrayed is consistent and very much 'us'.

It's important for us, in each of our businesses, that our audience get an immediate sense of us and how we do what we do. The Safe Events website does exactly that and was instrumental in us winning a key piece of new business within 2 weeks of launching. I can't recommend Artizan highly enough. They've done amazing things for me and my businesses.

Mark Breen
Co-founder and Director