Provider of tours that celebrate the craft of knitting and the rich tradition of local heritage.


We used warm vibrant colours and big visuals throughout the site to convey the warmth and positive energy that participants will enjoy on the tours

OUT WITH THE OLD,In with the New


Local &Expert

Knitting Tours work hard finding the best local suppliers and attractions for their clients to visit and learn from. It was important that each tour on offer featured all the workshops, activities, demonstrations and overall value reinforced by testimonials from former participants.


Creating a website that incorporates a large volume of content and visuals requires a lot of careful planning and design consideration when it comes to application on multiple devices.

Mobile Friendly Design

It's vital for us to ensure that the mobile experience is both visual and user-friendly to maximise impact and engagement.

Lovely Client Feedback

We were looking for something different for our new website that showed genuine 'outside the box thinking' style and substance. The end result was more than we had hoped for in so many ways. What impressed me most was the amount of work and research that Artizan carried out prior to even commencing any design work or technical implementation. They really got us thinking in a meaningful way about our audience, markets and brand that we had not manage to achieve prior to working with Artizan.

We had initially anticipated having to turn down a number of design concepts before eventually hitting on something that we would love but that wasn’t the case. Artizan got it right on the very first attempt. After 17 years of working with numerous digital agencies, this was without doubt the most seamlessly developed project that we have been a part of. In our past experience these projects very rarely come in anywhere close to the promised completion date but with Artizan, the project was actually completed ahead of schedule.

Ronan Gleeson
Managing Director