Kitman Labs

Kitman Labs is a progressive sports technology company that combines advanced statistical analysis, scientific research and industry experience to reduce the risk of injury in professional sports teams.

explaining withDiagrams

Simplifying the key components that feed into Kitman Labs ground-breaking platform to help reduce player injuries and optimise athlete performance

OUT WITH THE OLD, In with the New


Identity & LogoBrand Design

Kitman Labs wanted to refresh their brand as well as their website. We designed a new logo that fits the new website giving Kitman Labs a more modern and fresh feel.

Consistency On Mobile

For us the challenge on mobile was to maintain the personality and clear communication already achieved on the desktop.

Lovely Client Feedback

Zanya and the team at Artizan were a pleasure to work with. The quality of the work exceeded our expectations and we now have both a brand and logo that we are proud of and signifies our personality and values.

We also now have a website that truly delivers and showcases our company vision and differentiates us within our industry. We chose Artizan because they understood just how different our company is and they did a magnificent job of creating a website that exemplifies our core value proposition.

Founder & CEO