A political party taking a stand for a more sustainable economy, a fair society that strengthens community, and a flourishing environment for all.

Winning hearts& minds

With the main focus on the organisation’s expansion, the purpose of the new website is to act as a catalyst to grow memberships, get donations and win votes.

It was essential for us to clearly represent the Green Party as an active and instrumental proponent of environmental and social change within Ireland.

OUT WITH THE OLD,In with the New


Drawing attentionTo what matters

Our creative process involved an in-depth, empathic approach that allowed us discover and communicate the Greens' vision and manifesto in a way that the Irish people can relate to and act upon.

Calls to action are spread purposefully throughout the site to invite voluntary participation, donations and membership.

Mobile Friendly Design

It's important to us to ensure that the mobile experience is both visual and user-friendly to maximise impact and engagement.

Lovely Client Feedback

We found Artizan to be the one of the most friendly and professional organisations we have ever worked with. The level of service they provide is of the highest quality. When we saw the design they did for us, we couldn’t believe how well they had understood our requirements. It was what we had hoped for and much, much more.

Throughout the development and testing stage, they were fully responsive to our wants and needs. While other agencies might just give you what you ask for they go the extra mile and offer you helpful suggestions and ideas that you would never have thought of. They were so professional and fun to work with, it made the whole experience of re-doing our website so much more easy and enjoyable.

The Green Party