The DL Planning website helps schools and teachers plan the integration of digital technologies into the classroom

Increasing the adoption of digital

The DL Planning website helps schools and teachers identify where they are on the journey towards embedding digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment, and enable them to progress in that journey. Providing quick and easy access to resources was key.

OUT WITH THE OLD,In with the New



We designed an interactive colour wheel to visualise the planning cycle in a sequence of steps. Visitors can quickly and easily understand what's involved for each stage.

Mobile Friendly Design

It's important to us to ensure that the mobile experience is both visual and user-friendly to maximise impact and engagement.

Lovely Client Feedback

The site is a truly creative solution to what was a big challenge. Presenting the material in the Digital Learning Framework in a readable manner and associating it with related case studies and videos was not an easy job – but it has been done superbly in this site.

Artizan was approached as they have a proven record in providing visual solutions to complicated projects. They are attentive to detail, easy to work with and we are delighted with the result.

Anthony Kilcoyne
Deputy Director, PDST