Cuckoo Events

Cuckoo Events are multi-award winning, nice people who make great, safe events happen. We wanted to make a website that acts as an extension of their personality.

Adding a touch ofIllustration

The cuckoo team are friendly and down to earth with lots of personality. We wanted to emphasise some of their quirky traits and preferences on their team page using custom made icons.


Cuckoo likes makingPeople Happy

So we create a happiness wheel for them to communicate their refreshing approach to business and its positive knock-on effects

Cuckoo Events On Mobile

Not all event management websites have as much personality as Cuckoo Events. The website wanted to reflect just how much personality they have.

Lovely Client Feedback

We wanted a website that reflected our personality as a business. We do our business a bit differently to most in the events industry and we wanted our website to be different too.

We sat with the Artizan team and talked through what we do & how we do it. They came back with a design concept that we instantly fell in love with. They climbed into our heads and created a site that's completely us. Every little touch & detail in there is us. We sing Artizan's praises to anyone who will listen. They take a personal interest in their clients and their projects beyond what you'd probably expect or be used to. It's refreshing and the end result is a happy client; us.

Managing Director