Jason Smyth

Artizan was tasked with creating a website to support Jason Smyth, the fastest paralympian on the planet, on his journey to the Rio 2016 Olympics

Support Jason onHis Journey

"Something I always wanted to do is to be the best. Now to not only be the best but to achieve something others haven't. That is why I continue to try and bridge the gap between Olympic and Paralympic sport, to show there is no limits to what can be achieved." Jason Smyth


InternationalRecord Holder

We used interactive maps to show the quantity and global spread of Jason's goals and successes during the course of his incredible athletic journey to date.

A Responsive Site withPersonality

At Artizan our goal was to make Jason a website that instantly emphasises his achievements and goals, a website that you want to explore.
Whether on desktop or mobile we wanted to make your journey throughout Jason's website visual, exciting and engaging.

Engaging Mobile Experience

Keeping the website visual on mobile is an important aspect when concidering how the audience will interact with the site.

Lovely Client Feedback

Working with Artizan has been a great experience. They really took the time to understand our story and vision. They helped us see possibilities we were blind to and ultimately transformed our thoughts and ideas into something so much more.

They captured the essence of the brand and online presence we wanted to create, they understood our broader objectives within which the website was an integral part, and they took the time to ensure that what they delivered us exceeded our expectations. We wanted a website that would be fitting of the fastest paralympic sprinter on the planet and lift his brand profile to new heights, and that is what Artizan created.

Jason Smyth
Olympic Athlete